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Mahamudun Bhuiyan, B.S.

Research Technician

Mahamudun Bhuiyan is our Research Technician in the Maryanovich lab. Mahamudun graduated from the City College of New York with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Economics. In addition to his course work at the New York Academy of Sciences, Mahamudun completed two projects and presented these to prominent scientists, such as James Watson, and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola. One project studied the effects of drinking alcohol on the neuronal firing rate of earthworms and how this can be correlated to its effects on humans. The second project explored methods of maximizing the use of freshwater for both laymen and large companies at the academy’s Challenge 2030 event. Mahamudun joined the Maryanovich lab in August of 2022 with hopes to garner

research experience to enter a prospective PhD program. As the lab research technician, Mahamudun is responsible for maintaining basic lab supplies & reagents, performing mouse husbandry, and is training to become proficient in confocal microscopy.

Mahamudun Bhuiyan, B.S.
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