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New SIEMENS ADVIA 2120i Hematology System

We have recently updated from our previous SIEMENS ADVIA 120 Hematology system to their newest ADVIA 2120i Hematology system. This new system has nearly identical operating procedures whilst providing accurate data in less time than our previous system. It's new white blood cell technologies using light scatter, cytochemical staining, and nuclear density analysis preformed on two separate channels provide for more information with fewer reruns and manual reviews. New, more sensitive, cross-checks provide more interpretive data and flag disease markers that notify us to take a closer look at specific samples over others, which is very useful when analyzing dozens of samples at a time. The upgraded two-dimensional optical laser light scatter makes distinguishing RBC's from platelets and other debris more accurate. Further, the two-dimensional laser light scatter along with nucleic acid dyes provide us with a reticulocyte maturation index allowing us to track diseases such as anemia. The system also has a unique dual-hemoglobin measurements that eliminate interference from lipemia, and an oxazine 750 fluorescent dye to significantly reduce interference. Overall, The ADVIA 2120i is a flow cytometry-based system that analyzes CSF, pleural, peritoneal, and peritoneal dialyses samples that provides data that is similar to traditional manual methods, such as counting on the hemocytometer by hand, making the collection of these measurements faster, less grueling and less time consuming than traditional methods.



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